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Rote Sawu Raijua Sumba

After transfer from Kupang airport to the boat we will head straight to the Rote region, home to the peeling lefts of T-Land. This region is worth exploring as there are other uncrowded waves accessible by boat only.

From Rote you will cruise to the remote Islands of Sawu and Raijua. These islands are rarely visited and hold vast potential for pumping surf on the right conditions. This trip is for the adventurous souls, where rewards are received to those willing to take it on.

Heading due west to Sumba we round the southern tip and onto the Mangkudu area. These are another two remote islands that offer lefts and rights. These islands are a swell magnet which gives you options on most conditions.

Onto the coast of mainland Sumba where there are numerous breaks along the way, including the famous Millers Rights, situated in a large deep bay, offering shelter and many surf options close by.

The trip ends in Waingapu, where you will be transferred to the airport, in time to catch a flight to Bali (or Kupang).We can arrange flights for you; however will be paid by you as they are not included in the boat trip price. We recommend to book flights with a one night stop over before you board your international flight as weather can delay flights at times.

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