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Bali Lombok Sumbawa

Leaving from Bali we head straight for the Bangko Bangko area, home to Desert point. This area is well known for its long lefts and majestic islands. Once satisfied we move around the south west corner of Lombok then along the south coast. We can spend as much time as we need to explore the deep bays and towering headlands along this coastline. There are hidden gems in these parts and our experienced crew will seek out and direct you to waves that are unheard of in todays main surfing circles.

From Lombok we head across Alas Strait to South West Sumbawa, home to Super Suck and Scar Reef. This area has many options for surfing including the ever consistent Yo Yos and other secret spots that fire up given the swell.

We will offer two options from Sumbawa, we can cruise back along the Lombok coast to Bali or head around the top of Lombok stopping in at the Gilli Islands for a night of partying. You can make your decision on the trip,that way we leave all options open for your group at the time.

For the duration of the trip you will be treated with excellent food, cold Bintangs and a very happy, positive attitude from our experienced crew.

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